Accounting, corporate & tax services

Accounting services for companies and assistance in day-to-day business operations.
Establishment of new companies and statutory changes.
Company-services concerning the preparation of minutes of board-meetings, company-offices, keeping and maintenance of company-books and bookkeeping audits.
Ordinary assistance in the preparation of periodic tax statements.
Assistance and bar for tax litigations and relationships with tax administration offices.
Advice on national and international tax Planning.

Legal Area

Legal advice and assistance on every aspect of the operations and functioning of companies.
Advice and assistance on negotiating and editing contracts and agreements on sale and purchase, leasing, outsourcing, agency, distribution and franchising, supply and sub-supply, licensing, sponsorship, consulting.
Judicial and arbitration assistance in civil and corporate matters.
Advice and assistance on civil law and family law.
Legal counselling on industrial and intellectual property rights.
Real estate matters.

Business Area, Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy

Due diligence aimed at company acquisitions.
Evaluations of businesses and companies.
Assistance on reorganization, liquidation, insolvency.
Advise on contentious matters, such as derivative actions against directors and on the recovery and proof of debts.
Advice on structuring the pre-bankruptcy settlement, negotiating the restructuring agreements and for the transfer of businesses.
M & A and extraordinary transactions: assistance in mergers, spin-offs, corporate restructuring, acquisitions, sales of shareholdings, businesses and assets.
Legal counselling on industrial and intellectual property rights.
Real estate matters.