Our No-profit projects

According to Comma 10, a better society is essential to trigger and maintain the virtuous circle of initiatives, business, work and social welfare. For this reason it offers its customers, friends and acquaintances to support some no-profit entities with a substantial and forward-looking perspective.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Epsilon is a secular association, founded in October 2004 by professionals with long and sound experience, with the aim of helping third-world children in health, nutrition and education. It adopts the 100% Model (zero overheads) funding projects to support needy children in developing countries.

Limmat Stiftung

Founding of foundations

The Foundation Limmat Stiftung, established in Zurich since 1972, is a politically and religiously independent foundation operating internationally. Its peculiarity is to be a “founding of foundations”, that is, an incubator of social, cultural and educational projects, autonomous and lasting, with the guarantee that the original purpose of social promotion is respected. The board of directors and the honorary committee are composed of professionals who provide experience and open-minded approach. Its project center focuses on the study, launch and evaluation of social projects worldwide.