“The majority of problems stem from the fact we have a literature but no basic knowledge no basic knowledge”R. Pannwitz

We offer integrated and complementary professionalism to ensure both basic skills and the overall vision, being aware that business serves community.


Comma 10’s cornerstone is the professional collaboration between chartered accountants and lawyers with the mission to provide integrated services with a multi disciplinary perspective.

The objective is to respond not only to each specific requirement, but also to its global context, which has become increasingly hard considering the implications of today’s complex backdrop.

Each single client’s requests are welcomed and evaluated with the maximum flexibility: the best possible solution are offered in all phases of the professional service, measuring and evaluating prospects, risks, responsibility, unforeseen situations and consequences.

Comma 10 solutions are always creative and able to answer the client’s needs and difficulties even when it’s necessary to radically innovate the strategy.

In doing so the bond between the client and the professional expert becomes ever more solid and long lasting, passing over the immediate questions to identify the real priorities with short, medium and long term goals.

Comma 10 & Switzerland

Comma 10 has been selected as a member of the Pool of Experts of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Italy